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Velvet & Shag was first created in 2010 as an Etsy shop in which I specialized in hip vintage home decor.  This included such items as vintage ceramics, globes, typewriters, clocks, and dishware.   The shop name was based off of the notion of vintage velvet flocked wallpaper and, of course, shag carpet.  Both of these things, in my mind, spoke to other eras of design and presented the kind of visuals that I thought would create the nostalgic vibe that I wanted to present to my customers.  Velvet & Shag gradually evolved to include a blog of the same name that satisfied my obsession with all things interior design.  After a few years, I put the shop and blog on the shelf so I could focus on my 8 to 5 job and young family.  In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the world, including me, shifted to a work at home lifestyle.  Working at home meant less time spent in the car commuting to my job everyday and more time available for me to once again focus on some of the home decor activities that I love, as well as, making a little more room for my interior design obsession to creep back in.  I therefore decided to open up the Velvet & Shag online shop once again, but this time to specialize in a new form of home decor, mainly vintage rugs and textiles (my new obsession).   

In spring of 2023 Velvet & Shag evolved once again with the opening of my new brick and mortar shop in Studio 101 at Briggs Village in Olympia, WA.  In addition to vintage rugs and textiles, other vintage and non-vintage decor is now available.  Stop by to see the rugs in person or pick out a fun gift for a friend.  There's so much to see!



I’m Julie, the curator and operator of this little shop.  I'm also an obsessed interior design addict who is always on the hunt for inspiration that I can use to decorate my own home, as well as, ideas for styling and staging other people’s homes.  My most important job, though, is being a devoted wife to my husband, Neil.  We’ve been married for eight years and together a total of twelve.  I was super lucky to marry into the family I did because along with an amazing husband, I also got two wonderful step kids, Tre and Ashley, who are currently 15 and 20. We live in a house in a large residential development in Olympia, Washington, which is about 60 miles south of the Seattle metropolis.  Our house is definitely a builder-grade home so it has been a nice basic jumping off point for us to take it mainly as it is and customize it to fit our own style, which is perfect for a person like me who loves styling so much.  I also love adding vintage home decor in every shape and form that I can find to our house.  It really does add something special and unique to our home that you can't find anywhere else.  

Click over to my blog to find out more about me and our house, as well as, gather fun decor inspiration for your own home.